Nasturtium Tea Towel

Nasturtium Tea Towel

Nasturtium Tea Towel

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The imagery of the cotton tea towels is inspired by wild and cultivated edible and medicinal plants.

These tea towels were created as multifunctional textiles for both inside and outside the kitchen. Made with 100% cotton and screen-printed with water-based ink, they are safe to use around food and make wonderful kitchen cooking companions.

I love the many ways that this textile can be used. It makes a lovely gift, whether given on its own or used as wrapping ‘paper.’ It holds small Tupperware and containers well for taking snacks to-go, and doubles as a picnic placemat. Great for covering rising bread dough and wrapping freshly baked loaves. As the material is soft yet sturdy, it can also be used as an altar cloth or hung as a tapestry.

Each towel measures approximately 26 x 27” and includes a loop for hanging.


-Size: 26 x 27”

-Materials: Cotton, water-based ink

-Use: Multifunctional kitchen towel, textile gift wrap, tapestry.

-Care: Wash cool or warm with like colors

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